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Elak Salon & Spa was established in 1998. At the beginning it was a salon only and then it was turned into comprehensive salon for men. Its services range from Cutting hair to Hair tinting, Shaving, Manicure & Pedicure, Facial care, Waxing, Massage & Moroccan Bath. Our staff consists are well-trained and we call them professionals in our field. Our barbers offer cutting hair, shaving and hair styling.

Since 1998 Elak Spa Company was founded and began our story began to resonate at all tongues turning the idea of the salon to the largest and most luxurious salon and spa specializing whatever it takes care of the man.

Centre keen on attracting them from their extensive experience in the field with a hairdressing and a wonderful personality and interactive with the public and those who have the desire for development in the profession that carry creativity fraught.

Moroccan bath is an old traditional ritual cleansing of the Maghreb, and works to clean and whiten and soften the skin. It also helps to relax nerves and muscles and remove fatigue with blood circulation in the body.

Crowned elegant care up to the end of your tips appearance, clipped nails & toes, cleaned and moistened and polished and remove dead skin around it, all the way to remove dead heal skin and Kanh and remove a cracked heel, in addition to moisturizing legs and cleaned, ath the hands of their specialists and their ability to deal with patients diabetes and skin diseases.


The center offers massage service to our customers at the highest level of professionalism and at the hands of skilled jurisdiction, also provides physical therapy services for those who suffer from aching joints with a high level of professionalism and performance.

The centre, to bring those who are specialize in shaving children and prepare the place to be, was also keen to provide all means of comfort to our customers and create for them an environment characterized by upscale five star service.

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